KNVAZ was founded to create a different kind of fashion experience. Having experienced the corporate fashion grind that they found as creativity killer, the co-founders set out to create a new adventure codenamed KNVAZ (a nod to the infinite possibilities that a blank canvas presents to an artist). Their sole mission is to: “Keep things interesting”. KNVAZ has done just that through their unique approach that emphasizes the following elements;

High Quality Standards;
Carefully curated collection, assembled with Thought and Whimsies;
Compelling, multimedia content.

Based in New York's Soho neighborhood, KNVAZ has vowed to bring back the FUN!  It is at this creative axis where East meets West, New meets Old, Money meets Attitude, Street knock-offs meet Luxury boutiques and Fledgling talent meet their Eager audience hungry for interesting new things.

KNVAZ is the beacon that shines a light on incredibly talented designers and connects them and their creations to a grand stage through This relationship allows KNVAZ to partner with international talent and develop cross-cultural inspired designs that are exciting to all!

To connect with the soul of KNVAZ directly:
44 Howard Street, New York, NY10013