KNVAZ - Women - JOSEPH & STACEY OZ Mini Square Bag Chic Black W/Faux Black Fur

JOSEPH & STACEY OZ Mini Square Bag Chic Black W/Faux Black Fur

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The Oz Mini Square Back Fur version is divided into four colors: Pebble Chic Black, Pebble Savage Wine, Pebble Taupe, and Pebble mustard. The size is 190mm wide, 135mm long, 70mm wide and weighs 635g. Removable straps can be adjusted in length from 520mm to 600mm.

It is a simple rectangular shaped bag, with Fur material handles to make the FW warm and gold ornaments added to the metal. Removable and length adjustable strap for clutch, as well as shoulder, cross body and various applications are available. IPad mini, small notebooks, diaries and other sizes, you can hold all the necessary stuff all day long enough.

Freedom of attachment and detachment =Fur material Handle handle and cross body strap can be freely attached and detached, completing various styling. It is easy to attach and detach. If you connect the Fur material handle to one side only, you can create a clutch bag with an atmospheric whislet.

.Multiple card sections =I made one gusset pocket and three cardcases made of leather inside, aiming at a bag that could also serve as a purse. There is an open pocket on the back of the bag, so you can use it to hold things you often want to take out like a smartphone, or to keep passports, tickets, etc. at the airport for a while.

PML Pebble =Made with Joseph & Stacey's leather brand, Paddington Milling Leather (PML). KC Martial Leather is 100% self-produced and quality tested. It features a soft texture and high quality embossed texture. It has a great advantage of reducing life scratches.  

 Die Casting Metal Parts =Joseph & Stacey has made 20,000 tests on its own metal and proved its uniform quality. Sikk Black, Scarlet Red, Toppe products use gold color metal, Tourmaline Pink products use rose gold color metal.

 YKK zipper = YKK genuine zipper that does not break even if I use it more than 10,000 times.