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JOSEPH & STACEY - Shopper L Rich Black

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Simplicity but rich bag. It is a bag with stylish lines, simple design, good materials, generous size, extra pouch, and Turn-Lock, Joseph & Stacey's signature lock. You can easily adjust the length by turning it with a turn-key, and you can use it as a shoulder or a tote depending on the situation. 11inch Notebook, Tablet PC and can accommodate a variety of household goods in size. 

I made it with a brief bag that I can often use, a bag that maximizes the style of materials and forms. Focused on the line, painted to touch the curves of the body naturally, has been designed to be tired even when you often wear and have detailed details. The length of the strap can be easily adjusted with a turnaround, and can be set to focus on the purpose of each of the tote and shoulder.

Made with Joseph & Stacey's leather brand, Paddington Milling Leather (PML). This leather is made of pressed thick leather with a special milling machine twice. It has durability, softness, natural color, naturally guild style and natural leather.
Die Casting Metal Parts
Joseph & Stacey made their own metal and tested 20,000 times to ensure uniform quality. Rich black, Cabernet wine, Topo products use gold color metal, caramel, dark navy products use silver color metal, and Tourmaline pink products use rose gold color met. 
Chamois lining
We used Chamude for lining. Microfiber fabrics complement the disadvantages of natural leather. It has enough durability and light weight to sustain the touch of the leather, and even the processing to prevent germs has been added.
YKK zipper
I used a YKK genuine zipper that does not break even if I use it more than 10,000 times.